A standard inbox can’t protect you from email overload

4th Office’s Smart Inbox reorganises your email in a clean, clear space without the clutter. Its AI Assistant takes the stress out of email by managing it for you.

Stay focused

Our Smart Inbox ‘mutes’ the clutter and reorganises email around people that matter so you don’t waste time deleting unwanted email.


Get organised

Our Assistant detects emails that require action, helps you complete important tasks, and updates your diary so you don’t have to.

Hard working

Connect faster

Our Assistant tells you when your contacts are most responsive so you can send emails at the right time with maximum effect.


What people say

I'm a Fashion Photographer and get anywhere from 50-100 emails a day. Since having 4th Office I get lots of compliments on is how easy I am to get a hold of and how fast I respond.

A great app. I feel more organised and I love my new assistant. Accessing files and conversations in the same place saves me time when it comes to searching for emails.

I've finally got rid of all the unimportant things I used to find when I fist opened my Inbox!

We’re in Beta

We want you to join our mission!

Please download the app, share your feedback and help us revolutionise email.

We want you to join our mission!
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