A standard inbox doesn't protect you
from email overload.

The 4thOffice app upgrades Gmail and Outlook with a new inbox that summarises everything going on in your emails on a single screen. No more filing, deleting, or sorting, just a beautifully organised inbox that helps you get stuff done faster.

Take Control

Our unique home screen summarises everything happening in your inbox at a glance whilebuilt-in intelligence sorts incoming email.


Get Stuff Done

The app highlights which messages require a follow-up, and who hasn't replied yet - you'll be up to date with important email all the time.

Hard working

Get Organised

Now emails can be grouped and added to customised Lists, which you can use for projects or vacation planning. Our Library also automatically stores every document - you'll feel super organised without lifting a finger.



Our Teams feature lets you work on group projects inside your inbox without additional tools like Slack or Trello - you'll find collaborating easier than ever.


What people say

I'm a Fashion Photographer and get anywhere from 50-100 emails a day. Since having 4th Office I get lots of compliments on is how easy I am to get a hold of and how fast I respond.

A great app. I feel more organised and I love my new assistant. Accessing files and conversations in the same place saves me time when it comes to searching for emails.

I've finally got rid of all the unimportant things I used to find when I fist opened my Inbox!

We’re in Beta

We want you to join our mission!

Please download the app, share your feedback and help us revolutionise email.

We want you to join our mission!
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