What can Scarlett do for me?

Scarlett organises your inbox around important people

Scarlett stops unwanted email distractions by learning who your most important contacts are and prioritising their messages while ‘muting’ the rest.

Focus on the people that matter most

Scarlett identifies emails that require action

Scarlett knows which emails you need to deal with and reminds you to take care of urgent tasks such as responding to questions, filing important attachments and much more.

Stay on track and stress-free

Scarlett learns about your network and shares practical insights

Scarlett knows who you are most connected to and when they are most responsive so you can send emails with maximum effect.

Become an email superuser

Our mission

At 4th Office we strongly believe that the time and energy you spend on managing your inbox could be used for something far more fulfilling. It’s our aim to tackle the universal problem of email overload and make life that little bit sweeter.

Now you can spend less time in your Inbox and more time on the things that really matter.