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4th Office is your new workplace, where all your contacts are already there. It’s easy as anything to set up. Just download and sign in – your colleagues are instantly accessible via their usual email.

Hard working Hard working

Experience the magic of channels

Fast. Enjoyable. Sharable. Email now feels like all your other favorite communication apps... exactly how it should be!


The best collaborative experience on email

Set up as many teams you like. And experience group file sharing and chats alongside your personal email for the first time ever.

Hard working

What people are saying...

Allysandra Cerevantes,

“I'm a Fashion Photographer and get anywhere from 50-100 emails a day. Since having 4th Office I get lots of compliments on how easy I am to get ahold of and how fast I respond.”

Allysandra Cerevantes,
Freelance photographer


“4th Office is an easier way to use email and use the chat function to communicate with your team in an informal and quick way. It's like Slack and Gmail but in one app!”

Co-founder, Styliff

Dominic Hodge,

“I don’t open my inbox with a sense of dread anymore. Email just got a lot smarter. ”

Dominic Hodge,
Managing Director, FRUKT Europe


“A great app. I feel more organised and I love my new assistant. Accessing files and conversations in the same place saves me time when it comes to searching for emails.”



“I've finally got rid of all the unimportant things I used to find when I first opened my Inbox!”


Why settle for standard email
when you can have amazing?!

We want you to join our mission! We want you to join our mission!

Download 4th Office and transform your inbox.

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