Gather the important people in your life into a place where you can get things done.

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Think beyond email. Get things done.

The same tools we use for communicating with the people most important to us get constantly clogged with spam, notifications and irrelevant messages. That’s why we created a personal clutter-free space that you can share with people that matter most and get things done. Your family, coworkers, partners and friends can all share one organized space where you can communicate, chat and work.

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Introducing: Streams

A stream is a collection of conversations synced with your email account and organized around the people you communicate with regularly. Thinking beyond email threads, we’ve evolved communication onto cards. They’re laid out simply and are great for group conversations around a topic or file. For more impromptu discussions, you can instantly switch to chat – all built in.

No more cluttered inbox

Versatile by design, cards can encapsulate conversations, ideas, agreements or even repeated daily workflows. Easily pin them to boards that can be named, categorized and prioritized helping you visualize and organize what you need to get done.

Intelligent assistance

Focus on what matters by using our built-in intelligence that identifies important people from your email and automatically files attachments to the library. Plus our advanced search allows you to quickly find what you are looking for – so never be hunting through spam for that important email or file again.


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