An inbox that puts your important people first

4th Office works with your existing email and makes it all about connecting with real people again. By redesigning your inbox around your contacts and giving each one their own stream, we've banished clutter so you can focus on the important stuff and get more done.

Hard working Hard working

An inbox that knows what needs your attention

Ever missed an important message that was hidden in an email thread? 4th Office automatically finds emails that require your attention so you never miss a thing.


An inbox that supercharges your collaboration

Do you waste time jumping between email and other collaboration tools? We love you Slack, but now you can collaborate from inside your inbox using our Team feature. That means one login for all your needs!

Hard working

What people are saying ...

I'm a Fashion Photographer and get anywhere from 50-100 emails a day. Since having 4th Office I get lots of compliments on how easy I am to get ahold of and how fast I respond.
Allysandra, freelance photographer

A great app. I feel more organised and I love my new assistant. Accessing files and conversations in the same place saves me time when it comes to searching for emails.

I've finally got rid of all the unimportant things I used to find when I first opened my Inbox!

4th Office is an easier way to use email and use the chat function to communicate with your team in an informal and quick way. It's like Slack and Gmail but in one app!
Lucas, Co-founder at Styliff

Why settle for standard email
when you can make it amazing...

We want you to join our mission! We want you to join our mission!

Download 4th Office and transform your inbox.

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