4th Office has got the new office

Last week was extremely important for the 4th Office. We are thrilled to announce that after two years we have moved to a new office in Ljubljana’s Technology Park. The move represents a new era for 4th Office, as we focus on breaking into more global markets.


Our new working environment is a big and bright open space that’s full of light and fluidity, where information constantly flows around and strengthens team’s focus. The arrangement of our new working space has vastly improved collaboration between different groups within the team and has consequently boosted internal communication and efficiency. In marketing we now finally know that “backend” is not a tennis shot and our team of developers has somehow realized that is better to contact a colleague next to them personally and not on Skype. :)


Designing a new working space is tough as it’s about balancing the aspirations and working habits of individuals and the team as a whole. Some prefer to work in silence while others enjoy the background bustle of Starbucks, and then there’s the individuals who get best results from group brainstorming. At 4th Office, we want to ensure everyone can express themselves in their working environment. Therefore an important part of our office is designed so everyone can shape their working space according to their preferences and current creative inspiration. Another major part of the office is dedicated to common areas; where you can play table football, drink Turkish coffee and share ideas and plans sitting on bean bags.


The move is like a neverending developing space – we are adding new elements every day and are (unofficially) about to get a DJ-table and smoothie bar. Everyone is contributing their ideas so together we can start a new and important chapter in our journey.