Rags Vadali

Rags Vadali, the former product manager of Google’s YouTube,responsible for monetisation, has joined the 4th Office team as he believes the service has the potential to change the way people communicate with each other. Before joining 4th Office Mr. Vadali worked for the Spanish social network Tuenti and amongst other successful startup companies in Europe.
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European startup, 4th Office has successfully raised a second round of funding. A number of highly experienced investors are backing its mission to free businesses from their over-reliance on email. It achieves this through a cloud workspace combining communication, task and document management tools. Solving the critical problem of effective team collaboration in the digital age puts it head-to-head with #slack, which was recently given a $1bn valuation.

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I take an Uber cab most days to get about when I’m in London, and I can safely say I’m an avid fan. After taking so many journeys and talking to so many cabbies, it struck me how many of the Uber drivers were telling me the same story.
They all told me how they’ve been able to take control of their lives, set their own hours to drive whenever they want, and still make a decent living. The move to becoming your own boss is not only liberating, it creates freedom and choice to decide when you work so you’re in control of attaining a better balance between work and life commitments.

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