Welcome to the new
way to work.

The 4th Office is the great new cloud workspace that can revolutionise how you work. It allows you to:

  • Communicate better - with feeds arranged around tasks and projects, not in endless email chains
  • Create tasks for yourself, with deadlines and stages 
  • Store, version control and share an unlimited number of documents, designs, photos, videos... with anyone 
It's easy to get started with 4th Office  

Offices are really expensive, and if you can build trust with your employees, you can reduce costs while offering freedom. It’s a win-win situation.

Damian Kimmelman
Founder & CEO, Duedil

Work is a thing you do,
not a place you go.

The first office was the traditional office, then came working from home, next it was Starbucks. However, along the way we found company culture and control came unstuck.

Enter the 4th Office – an agile workspace in the cloud, bringing everything your team needs to work together with intuitive collaboration, file sharing and task management tools.

It's easy to get started with 4th Office  

We were immediately impressed with the 4th Office’s ability to allow us to build collaborative teams based on the customer and give them access to the relevant information and documents.

Chris Jones
Operations Director, Nymad

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