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Gemma Huckle
14 April 2015

Email culture has been dominating the workplace for the last 40 years – with millions becoming slaves to their inbox without fully realising the damage it’s doing to their working and personal lives.

Gemma Huckle
12 March 2015

Small businesses are having a tough time covering expensive overhead costs associated with running an office. But what about operating without an office?

Bostjan Bregar
18 February 2015

I take an Uber cab most days to get about when I’m in London, and I can safely say I’m an avid fan. After taking so many journeys and talking to so many cabbies, it struck me how many of the Uber drivers were telling me the same story.

Gemma Huckle
11 February 2015

We’ve all experienced FOMO – or fear of missing out – at some point in our lives, but it’s something that flexible workers will feel more often than most.

Gemma Huckle
05 February 2015

Today’s flexible workforce – linked only by technology – is rapidly growing, and for many they'll never be in the same physical location. Adopting a flexible working policy is something every leader should be addressing to stretch budgets, boost productivity and help save the planet.


Gemma Huckle
28 January 2015

Let’s admit it, we’ve all sent an inappropriate email to the wrong person, signed off a work email with a kiss and vented our feelings when we shouldn’t have; but email mishaps are the price we pay for our heavy day-to-day reliance on email.

Gemma Huckle
21 January 2015

Sometimes your work environment and personal habits can waste precious time without you even knowing. Here are the six productivity killers your company is probably falling prey to.


Gemma Huckle
14 January 2015

There may be lots of reasons why remote working makes sense for you.

Gemma Huckle
07 January 2015

Many companies are embracing remote working, and the recently introduced laws that give all employees the right to request flexible working patterns has been a groundbreaking development that will only add to a growing remote workforce.


Gemma Huckle
17 December 2014

Thanks to the abundance of devices and global connectivity, we’re now working in a world where remote working is easier and more effective than ever before. So, why are so many of us still debating the value of flexible working models?