Open My Free Cloud Office

Whether you're a writer, a designer, or just want to get your family & friends organised, the 4th Office is the perfect place to get it together!

We're on a mission to build better ways of working - helping startups make the dream of Flexible Working a reality, and helping parents balance life (and by that we mean kids!) and work. 

Create your own 4th Office today - and whether you work from an office, the kitchen table or Starbucks (or all of those!), you'll find it's an amazing way to get organised, get more done and have more fun.

You can store all your stuff there - photos, scripts, budget spreadsheets, videos - whatever, and share them with anyone. It's a great way to avoid the chaos of 'It's somewhere in my email..." and the best way to keep all your digital treasures safe in the cloud. 

And best of all, because we believe families, startups and entrepreneurs deserve all the help we can give them, it's free!

For bigger businesses needing a bit more stuff there's a premium service, which helps to fund our great free service aimed at helping mums (or dads!) setting up their own businesses, social communities or enterprises. 


Manage your work & life!

Even if it's just you, or a small team - you can set tasks, reminders, and get things done with more fun!


All your stuff in one place

All the stuff you need: documents, emails, photos, designs... systematically organized and instantly searchable so it's always available, anywhere, anytime.


Sharing is good

You can invite anyone you want into your 4th Office - while controlling who sees what. They can see, comment, upload or download - all for free! 


In your pocket or purse!

Access anytime and anywhere: from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.